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Manufacturing a flawless range of products is something that we consider as the motto of the company. Therefore, we keep no stone unturned for maintaining the quality standards of our products including Toilet Cleaner, Textile Chemical & Auxiliaries, Rotary Engraving Chemical, Flat Bed Chemical, Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals, Hand Cleaning Chemicals and many more. The entire gamut goes through a thorough quality analysis, which is done under various grounds. This quality checking is carried out by expert quality inspectors, who ensure that the products are highly effective, safe and have a long shelf life.
It is our policy to continuously and aggressively search for and implement best demonstrated quality practices and implement and maintain effective quality systems that will enable us to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers.Altop Chemical is dedicated to the philosophy of Total Quality Management (TQM). We believe that quality begins with the support and leadership of management and flows throughout the organization.
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We have also built on our initial quality metrics of Process Performance Indicator (PPI), Cost of Quality (COQ), and Product Quality Index (PQI) to include additional operational metrics tabulated in a scorecard format. Value-added sales will continue to be utilized to better understand our customers’ values and needs, and our R&D group will continue to focus on developing innovative products to meet those needs.
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